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Los Angeles, October 22, 2013 - International cyber security company Hi-Tech Crime Solutions and the parent company of releases is stats on the number of consumers, athletes, companies even politicians that are turning to Hacker For Hire services.


There are a lot of articles and stats that talk about big corporations and government facilities being hacked, but there are not to many major security companies talking about the million of victims of everyday cyber crime.   “Who do you turn to if your email, facebook or your corporate or even personal computer was hack,” says Gregory Evans the Founder of  “You can not call IBM, Symantec, Dell Secureworks or any other security company if you are being blackmailed or cyber extorted and you have 90 minutes to send $20,000 via Western Union or pictures or videos will be emailed to your family, friends or your co-workers.  Hacker For Hire services like ours handle situations like this everyday,” says Evans.

“In February of this year was contacted by a very wealthy family in South American, because their daughter was kidnap and the kidnapers was only communicating via Skype, thinking that they could not be traced.  We were able to login to the clients Skype account, and ask the kidnappers to send over a picture of Proof Of Life via Skype. When we responded with a picture of the ransom money we were able to obtain their IP address of their computer as they  were downloading the picture.  Once we had the IP address we were able to hack into their computer within 5 hours and identify the kidnappers by some of the files they had on their computer,” says Don H. the head case worker for

We have seen an increase in extortion, revenge porn, mug shot removals and couples looking for evidence of their spouse cheating.  “Hacking services have turned into the modern day private investigation services,” says Evans.  There are more and more extortion websites like,,, and other like them that allow anyone to post pictures or say anything about a person or company, then the site will charge fee to take down the information or some will not charge anything because they make all their money via banner ads. When things like this happen you can not call your average computer security company or IT team.  Hacker For Hire services has become a necessary evil.

Dealing with Hacker For Services can be tricky because they are all different.  There are lot of Hacker For Hire service that have a fancy website and claim to do everything that you see a hacker perform in the movies, which is fare from the truth. One hacking service called started a website called to give themselves great reviews in order to generate more traffic to their website at the same time trying to discredit the compention “When a person who hires a hacker, try’s to stay anonymous so why would they go to website to write a review so the entire world knows you hired a hacker? Every one of the reviews are fake. How can you verify if the review is real or not” says Evans.“

What makes services unique is that it is not about hacking it is about relationships.   We have established relationships with the top email providers, social media websites, even website that allow anyone to post on their site anonymously. When we need something taken down, we can just make a phone call in most cases.

Hi-Tech Crime Solutions is the worlds largest professional Hacker For Hire service with more than 10 websites that Hi-Tech Crime Solutions has inquired over the last 10 years, which includes it’s flagship and  We keep track of the type of services that are being requested and the industry of the people requesting presides.

The following stats are for 3rd quarter of 2013.

Top 12 Clients

1. Athletes - 17
2. Actors/Actresses - 48
3. Politicians (USA & Foreign)- 11
4. Husbands- 92
5. Wives - 135
6. Parents - 77
7. Boyfriends - 72
8. Girlfriends - 93
9. Corporations - 333
10. Small Business - 180
11. Consumers - 300
12. Students - 53

Top 10 Requests For Service

1. Link Removal - 478
2. Mug shots Removal - 233
3. Social Media Hacks - 102
4. Spyware on Spouse Boyfriend/Girlfriend - 289
5. Grade Changes - 53
6. Cyber Extortion - 330
7. Cyber Blackmail - 141
8. Track stolen computer/cell phone/tablet - 76
9. Track a hacker - 77
10. Bug tracking Devices - 34

We have notice that more couples are hiring hackers before going to their divorce attorney. We found a lot of banks and ForEx traders out of Cypress have been extorted by websites out of the Ukraine.  We have 45% of our business coming from Europe.   Only between April and June do we receive inquires about grades being changed.  In fact every request are on the college level, not middle or high school level.

These stats may or may not represent cases that we may have handled but what customers are requesting.

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